Full Service Property Management

Full Service Property Management services include:

  • Performing a property evaluation. We will help you determine the rent value of your property and identify any repairs or maintenance that should be done to make the property ready for a tenant.
  • Attracting tenants. We communicate regularly with a number of companies and organizations who rely on our services to place their employees in residences. We will advertise your property (if you elect to pay for the ads) and will also advertise with signs. We will handle calls from, and show your property to, prospective tenants.
  • Carefully screening tenants. We will conduct a personal interview with prospective tenants. We will perform credit and criminal background checks, verify income and stability of employment, and contact previous landlord for a reference.
  • Executing the lease agreement and providing copies to owner and tenant.
  • Ensuring the property is ready for an occupant. We will do a walk-through inspection of your property prior to tenant occupancy.
  • Using proper forms for all services to owner and tenant.
  • Providing lead based paint pamphlets and disclosures as required by law.
  • Inspecting the property periodically. The goal of these inspections is to ensure proper maintenance of your property and verify that the tenant is complying with the terms of their lease.
  • Managing your property's finances. We will collect and hold security deposits in trust account; collect rent, late fees, and miscellaneous fees that may arise; and notify tenants when their rent is delinquent. We will provide you with monthly owner's statements detailing the property's income and expenses (including copies of bills); disburse funds to you; and provide you with a year-end statement and necessary tax information.
  • Communicating with tenants. We will inform the tenant if there are any violations of their lease agreement; notify them of any late fees; and deliver " day pay or vacate" notices (if needed).
  • Inspecting the property when renters vacate. This inspection will ensure an accurate security deposit refund. We will schedule any necessary move-out maintenance and refund your tenant's security deposit.
  • Arranging for repairs and maintenance. We will pay all necessary bills and any prior agreed upon maintenance fees from property’s account.

Please contact our office at 360-249-2740 for fees information regarding our Full Service package.


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